UK King’s Bench judgment paves way for lessors to claim future rentals under a lease agreement

In a summary judgment for VS MSN 36118 CAV Designated Activity Company vs. Spice Jet Limited[1], the High Court of Justice, King’s Bench Division, a...

  • 03 June 2023

Boeing CEO Provides Hints About New Aircraft

In recent years, the aviation industry has experienced tremendous challenges, and Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers, has not been exem...

  • 03 June 2023

Air India to Reinstate 3 More Weekly Flights to The US

With the crew shortage situation easing progressively, Air India is set to reinstate three more weekly flights to the US this month. Earlier this year...

  • 03 June 2023

Saudi’s PIF Firm Acquires 13 Aircraft Including Airbus and Boeing

AviLease has made a significant investment to increase the size of its fleet in order to improve its capabilities and fulfil the growing demand for ai...

  • 03 June 2023


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Air India Launches Gurukul.AI - an AI Driven Upskilling Platform for Employees

Tata Group-owned Air India has launched a new learning hub for its employees. "Gurukul.AI has been created in sync with Vihaan.AI, the airline's five-...

  • 01 June 2023

Singapore Airlines to Offer Complimentary WIFI to All Cabin Classes

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is well-known for its dedication to providing great service to customers and novel experiences to its passengers. Recognizing...

  • 01 June 2023

Delhi Airport becomes the first airport in India to run entirely on hydro and solar power

Delhi Airport or Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) has become the first airport in India to run entirely on hydro and solar power as it swit...

  • 04 April 2023

Lufthansa’s A380 Back in Operation After Three Year Long Hiatus

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger aircraft, distinguished by its impressive size, luxurious amenities, and exceptional passenger c...

  • 02 June 2023

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10 Reasons Why Your Pilots Should be Paid More 

While the public might perceive pilots as one of the world's highest-paid professionals, the reality is very different. In today's...

  • 07 April 2023

Cathay Pacific Have Lost Majority of Their Senior Pilots

Senior pilots play an important role in an airline. These seasoned pilots have a wealth of experience and expertise that is critic...

  • 17 May 2023

IndiGo to start the first international flight from Bhubaneswar to Dubai on May 15

The Bhubaneswar airport will get its maiden international flight with IndiGo starting a direct service to Dubai from May 15, offi...

  • 04 April 2023

Tata Group to Set Up New Ground Handling & Aviation Academy for Air India

In addition to serving Air India's burgeoning in-house needs, Tata Sons plan to offer shared ground-handling services to other air...

  • 12 April 2023

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The Ninety-Nines, Inc. Empowering Women Pilots Since 1929

The Ninety-Nines

I wanted to be an Airline Pilot since a very young age. In the late 1970s, I started gliding lessons after I was refused admission to the Delhi Flying Club, as I was hardly 15 years old. One day while speaking to my neighbour, an Airline Pilot, he suggested I meet his friend and colleague, India’s first Commercial female Pilot, Ms. Prem Mathur, who lived close by in New Delhi. I would often ride my bicycle to her home, and she would regale me with stories of her flying days at Allahabad and De...

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